BeBooks is an upcoming series of contemporary blank books, designed to promote pride and confidence for the Diva, Naughty, Quirky, or Whatever Girl in you!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Let us know what you think about BeBooks.


Anonymous said...

The books look great Ang. I like the Ms. Knowitall, naughty, and be still. They all have great potential and speak volumes. Great job !!!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the blog, Ms. Naughty, be complicated and be quirky are my favorites. Keep doing your thing, girl!!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading "the Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama and it is really good...if you want to read about politics that is. Ms Angie doing big things!

Alicia Anabel said...

Congrats beloved... i am so proud of you. my favorite cover is stillness... sending you blessings.

Erica said...

Congratz! This looks good.



April said...

Hey Ang,
This was a good idea, nice way of showing the good and bad sides of sisters. I like the Be Crazy,Sexy, Cool.

Love yourself because....

... there's no else like you in the world.
... no one can love you better than you can.
... life's too short not to.
... you're flawed; big deal!
... heck, construction workers seem to get a kick out of you!
... you're worth more than you know.
... you look better when you do.